Topchic is a daily celebrity fashion web app with shadow box links to purchase similar items. More info.

Moagem Maravilha

The 'Wonder Mill' is a redesigned maize milling service in rural Mozambique. More info.

Jewelry Box

This clamshell jewelry box is made of sand casted aluminum with a custom milled hinge and magnetic closure. More info.

Mash Photato

Mash Photato is an iPhone web app that changes 2 photo (transparency, contrast, color) and overlays them to create an artistic “mash-terpiece.” More info.


Phonemone is an underwater-themed game to train non-native Mandarin speakers to better recognize difficult Mandarin language phonemes. More info.

Disco MP3 Player

This mp3 player's circuitry and functionality was designed and built. The housing is made of laser cut basswood and acrylic, with a disco ball that manually spins. More info.

Made with Heart & Soul

Design, Art, Dance, Making Things