Disco MP3 player

This was my personal final project for Stanford's Interactive Device Design class. I went through the design thinking process to come up with an mp3 player design. I conducted empathy work to understand how people listen to music, and came up with a solution for a friend of mine who likes to bring friends together for dance parties at his apartment. Design process documented here.

Used interaction design frameworks such as Bill Verplank's diagrams to understand human factors.
Completed the wiring for the mp3 player via breadboard prior to soldering onto perf board.
Laser cut prototype of the housing in cardboard (from Adobe Illustrator file). Determined dimensions and fit prior to laser cutting a final version in basswood and acrylic.
The perf board and electronics inside the housing.
The final mp3 player, with lit on/off switch and volume adjuster. Coded the fuctionality in C language (Teensy microcontroller) using a provided template.