TopChic was my mobile web app personal project for Stanford's Startup Engineering class. While brainstorming app ideas, I wanted to focus on something fashion related, as it is a passion of mine. I came up with a daily celebrity fashion web app with shadow box links to purchase similar items. The thought process here was to utilize existing content on the web and the built-in star power and following of celebrity figures to create a following for the app. I iterated on the idea by wireframing and prototyping user flow. Click here to try the app (looks best on mobile).

After various paper wireframes, I created the initial working digital prototype with Twitter bootstrap.
I prototyped several designs. This version had a more "US Weekly" celebrity tabloid feel.
The final iteration had a more elegant design and colour. There were icons that the user can click to either 'love' or 'hate' the style that day. The purpose of voting was to prompt strong emotion and sharing from the user.
When users click on one of the shadow box links in the photo, a pop up appears with a link to purchase a similar item on Amazon. In this example, you can click to purchase a replica of Kate Middleton's ring.